Barbershop Singing Birthday-gram

Every once in a while, your special someone comes up with a doosie of a birthday suprise for you. Do you consider all is fair in love and war?

Would you like to show your special gal or your dear dude that you too can find the perfect gift in retaliation (oops, did I type that out loud) to them that you really care?

Our local barbershop quartets would love to seranade your other half on your behalf. And with social media a button press away, you can share that special moment with friends and loved ones. A Barbershop Singing Birthday-gram will be a gift that will never be forgotten, or at least not very soon.

Depending on availablility, a chapter barbershop quartet will arrange with you to deliver;

  • a flower
  • a card (one we pick up, or one you have provided)
  • 2 classic barbershop style love songs to that person in your life who is deserving of just such an experience. (a cake will not be provided)

We can arrange to show up at their work, or at home or school. Heck, one of our quartets even sang to a guy on a forklift. A little awkward all around, but everyone survived to tell the tale...

Please let us know whether Covid restrictions will need to be observed during the performance.


To order your Barbershop Singing Birthday-gram by emailing
or call Bill Nichols at (720)883-2501

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Updated: 03/24/2023 Tech Contact: Evan Weinzinger