Singing Valentines

Guys, are you working on finding the right Valentines Day gift only to find that nothing seems just right for your special someone?

Ladies would you like to surprise your Sweetheart with a gift that will likely not be forgotten for quite some time?

Why not book a Singing Valentine for this February and invite a barbershop quartet from the West Valley Chorus to deliver a flower, a card and 2 classic barbershop style love songs to that person in your life who is deserving of such an experience.

We could show up where they work, or at home or school. Heck, one of our quartets even delivered a Singing Valentine to a guy on a forklift. A little awkward all around, but everyone survived to tell the tale...

A Singing Valentine for your sweetheart includes:

Two Sweetheart Songs
a flower
a Valentine’s Day Card
and a Box of Candy

Price: $40 Dollars

Accepting orders beginning January 15th
Reserve yours early to guarantee delivery time!


Davis, Dixon, Fairfield, Vacaville, Winters and Woodland Deliveries


Order your Singing Valentines by emailing
or call Bill Nichols at (720)883-2501

quartet Singing Valentine

Updated: 04/01/2023 Tech Contact: Evan Weinzinger